First impressions from Chilean Patagonia


Edinburgh, Barcelona, Zurich, São Paulo, Santiago, Puerto Montt and finally Punta Arenas. Tak wyglądała nasza podróż na sam koniuszek Ameryki Południowej i każda jej minuta była 

Patagonia welcomed us with rain and wind, as I expected. Why would I want to go on my first holidays of this year to such a cold and remote place? After months of studying and worrying about my final exams (which I passed, hooray!) I wanted to spend time simply. To wake up, put my backpack on and walk all day. Pitch a tent, crawl into a sleeping bag and listen to the wind as I fall asleep. To think about nothing but putting one foot in front of another and look up to see condors circling the snowy mountain peaks. This is what Patagonia delivered. Solitude, silence, incredible views and windy nights. I had time to think to look around me and unplug from the world for 5 long days and 4 nights. As soon as I woke up I couldn't wait t put my backpack on and carry on walking. I already miss it. 

Below are a few photos from our time here, taken with a GoPro. We first kayaked around 45 km to Glacier Grey and down the river Grey with only  a few other people and two instructors and then walked over 60 km through the Torres del Paine. It was incredible and difficult. I wanted to quit everyday and I wished it never ended each day too.  I would do it again in a heart beat. 


We have two more days in Patagonia and then we're heading up to the warm Santiago and Valparaiso. 

TravelMaggie Frej